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The Bangko Sentral, in coordination with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Philippine Stock Exchange and the National Bureau of Investigation, is looking into this,” he told MoneySmarts. So then again if you really are and very seriously concerned about the moral aspects, why not also bash those people who flock in our casinos everyday who are gambling as well? You simply don’t know what to answer that’s why you opted to avoid it by telling me that I’m redirecting this moral issue elsewhere. Until then, I’m NOT convinced that you are seriously concerned about your so-called poor downlines (those who you think gambled with their grocery or rent money and I highly doubt there’s any unless you can provide me with some verifiable proofs). You know I myself won’t accept such downlines (who cannot afford to lose their hard-earned money) no matter how hard they insist on joining us.

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Hi Arlene, thank you for leaving a comment and for the positive attitude. I’m sure a lot of people would want and hope for the best na mabayaran lahat especially those who really don’t have much in life. We hope and pray for the best mapa-investors or non-investors pa. He admitted that Aman Futures lacked a secondary license to sell securities but claimed the company was unaware of this requirement. Efforts to comply, which he said started two-and-a-half months ago, have been postponed, given that the SEC had already started its investigation….

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It covers not just economies or industries or companies or markets, but all the people and elements whose dynamics influence developments, movements and trends. An employee of the PSC is facing multiple charges in court for siphoning payroll funds to his personal account. As a result, the sports agency reorganized its payroll scheme to prevent a repetition of the crime. Criminal records of the three show that since July 2014 they have perpetrated an online scam by uploading and advertising items on online second-hand markets, duping victims into purchasing products which turned out to be non-existent. The Bureau of Immigration has arrested three of South Korea’s most wanted bosses of a syndicate that operated an online scam and victimized thousands of their compatriots, BI Commissioner Jaime Morente boasted. This is another in a seemingly endless number of video poker games where winning hands trigger additional hands—in this case, there is a new camera that has taking over this role from the credit cards and that is the famous Bitcoin.

  • A remake of the classic game – Pacman, as Ballotpedia suggests that someone would need twenty years of formal education to really read and understand it.
  • Other chief figures in the scam were Pagadian City mayor Samuel Co and his wife.
  • Online poker tournaments are no longer a, betcave casino as members of the prestigious Fortune Lounge Group we are able to offer incredible bonuses and loyalty rewards.
  • In the past, authorities busted a number of cybersex dens mostly in Angeles, Pampanga, showing women, a number of them minors, performing sexual acts for online clients through the use of cameras mounted on computers.
  • To prove their allegations, respondents attached email exchanges with respondent Santos regarding the details in investing with PIPC-BVI.
  • if he cannot moved bacause of all the pressure.

Hi Cille…I really appreciate that you have this blog post regarding AMAN trading investment. I almost would have invested this 15th but after reading what’s going on right now in Pagadian, I am grateful I haven’t started yet. Yes, truly it is so enticing to invest in AMAN given that your money will double in just a month…I just feel sorry for those investors who put in so much money and were not able to get them back, to think that some of them came from loans. hello cille and john i like your sinsible interaction. though i am not an expert in legality i see a glimpse of light in the word not permanent CDO to aman. hopefully he can iron it out, whatever is lacking for him to be able to payout the investors. praying that SEC would help him on this matter, issue whatever is needed to unfreeze his bank accounts.

peoples action not to sue aman is understandable hoping they can have their money back. SEC can run after aman once the people are settled, i mean they have their money back at least their capital. how can aman give the peoples money back if hes’ behind bars? if he cannot moved bacause of all the pressure.

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Founded in Tagum City, RIGEN Marketing reportedly aims to “help the financial needs of individuals by providing a concrete system allowing ordinary people to have solid additional income” through delivering a 400-percent return on investments in only 30 days. So, an investment of ₱10,000 will yield ₱36,000 a year, every year, for as long as the investor was alive. In this day trading scheme, the Legacy Group promised depositors that their deposits will double in three years. Furthermore, investors will get 12-quarterly post-dated checks that will earn them double the amount of their original investment. This particular scheme was so popular that it went beyond Leyte, where it was started, to attract investors and depositors from Samar and other areas.

Further, PIPC Corp. was duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission and was organized for a legitimate purpose, and certainly not for the purpose of perpetrating a fraud against the public. Santos was charged in the complaints in her capacity as investment consultant of PIPC Corporation, who supposedly induced private complainants Luisa Mercedes forex brokers P. Lorenzo and Ricky Albino P. Sy , to invest their monies in PIPC Corporation. While many of their members and supporters would argue that Rigen and Kapa’s main source of revenue is “trading” and “crypto”, but there is little to no proof that they’re actually engaged in such. Instead, all signs point out to them running a ponzi scheme type of investment.

12.I cannot understand how I can be charged of forming, or even of being a part of, a syndicate “formed with the intention of carrying an unlawful or illegal act, transaction, enterprise or scheme.” If this charge has reference to PIPC Corp. then I certainly cannot be held liable therefore. As I mentioned above, I joined PIPC Corp. only in April 2005 and, by that time, the company was already in existence for over four years. I had no participation whatsoever in its creation or formation, as I was not even connected with PIPC Corp. at the time of its incorporation. In fact, I have never been a stockholder, director, general manager or officer of PIPC Corp.

In 2002, GLASGOW Company encountered the same problem with AMAN. But there were hard guts investors who lead among the investors and represent their concern with the SEC. The representatives have series of dialogue with SEC to negotiate the return of capital (minus the interest -as the freeze account of GLASGOW can only afford the capital) to investors, whereby the SEC mediated between investors and GLASGOW management on the details of the return of capital.

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Next, the company introduces its financial expert. 26.3.Engage in any act, transaction, practice or course of business which operates or would operate as a fraud or deceit upon any person. At bottom, the exculpation of Santos cannot be preliminarily established simply by asserting that she did not sign the investment contracts, as the facts alleged in this case constitute fraud perpetrated on the public. Specially so because the absence of Santos’ signature in the contract is, likewise, indicative of a scheme to circumvent and evade liability should the pyramid fall apart. What is palpable from the foregoing is that Sy and Lorenzo did not go directly to Liew or any of PIPC Corporation’s and/or PIPC-BVI’s principal officers before making their investment or renewing their prior investment. However, undeniably, Santos actively recruited and referred possible investors to PIPC Corporation and/or PIPC-BVI and acted as the go-between on behalf of PIPC Corporation and/or PIPC-BVI.

I understand that investing is a game, even in the stock market. The best rule for me that speaks of real wealth that can be truly enjoyed, is the one that protects small investors — even those that come in late in the game.

He said that the investments in PIPC Corporation generated a return of 18-20% p.a. He then gave me the number of his sister, Oudine Santos who worked for PIPC Philippines to discuss the investment further. If you finished watching the video, two recent scam corporations flagged by the SEC are mentioned. Check theofficial SEC advisorywarning investors and would-be investors of dealing with the said companies. Personally, I use this information to fuel my passion and my desire to help and reach out to more Pinoys so I can raise their financial awareness. I believe that awareness and a positive action plan can really help people become more financially literate and eventually financially free.

When the scheme collapsed, big money was lost by both large and small investors. 3.4.”Dealer” means person who buys sells securities for his/her own account in the ordinary course of business. or more investors “pool” their resources creating a common enterprise, even if the promoter receives nothing more than a broker’s commission.

LexaTrade courses scam

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Duterte Renews Call For Increased Global Cooperation Against Covid

Besides, every well-informed investor knows that legitimate trading can’t guarantee such a high return with such a low risk. The same thing applies lexatrade broker reviews to cryptocurrency – even when it was on its all time high, it was extremely volatile that a consistent high return is not a guarantee.

Undoubtedly, the PMPA is an investment contract falling within the purview of the term securities as defined by law. In sum, the DOJ panel based its finding of probable cause on the collective acts of the majority of the respondents therein, including herein respondent Santos, which consisted in their acting as employees-agent and/or investor-agents of PIPC Corporation and/or PIPC-BVI. 25.It also bears stressing that of the twenty-one complainants in this case, only complainant Ricky Albino Sy alleged that he had actually dealt with me.

Co was later dismissed of his estafa charges, while his wife had, at the time, were already out on bail. filed syndicated estafa charges against Eleazar Castillo, its chief financial adviser, as well as nine other people, which included an American and two Singaporean nationals.

LexaTrade courses scam

No registered broker or dealer shall employ any salesman or any associated person, and no issuer shall employ any salesman, who is not registered as such with the Commission. In addition, she maintains that Luisa Mercedes P. Lorenzo and Ricky Albino P. Sy had several opportunities to divest or withdraw their respective investments but opted not to do so at their own volitions. An examination of the records and the evidence submitted by the parties, we have observed that all respondents are investors of PIPC-BVI, same with the lexatrade courses scam private complainants, they also lost thousands of dollars. We also noted the fact that most of the private complainants and alleged brokers or agents are long time friends if not blood related individuals. Notably also is the fact that most of them are highly educated businessmen/businesswomen who are financially well-off. Hence, they are regarded to be wiser and more prudent and expected to exercise due diligence of a good father of a family in managing their finances as compared to those who are less fortunate in life.

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The scammer or perpetuator then will take part of the money deposited by the 2nd investors and use this to pay the 1st investors. Say the 2nd investors gives P50,000 each, P20,000 of which will be used to pay the original investors, the balance of P30,000 will be pocketed by the scammers. In general, the scam is perpetuated by encouraging capital investment among new recruits.

Neither did I ever gain physical or juridical possession of the said money.11 . 23.In the first place, I did not receive any money or property from any of the complainants. As clearly shown by the documents submitted to this Honorable Office, particularly, the Portfolio Management Partnership Agreement, Security Agreement, Declaration trading strategy of Trust, bank statements and acknowledgement receipts, complainants delivered their money to PIPC-BVI, not to PIPC Corp. Complainants deposited their investment in PIPC-BVI’s bank account, and PIPC-BVI would subsequently issue an acknowledgement receipt. No part of the said money was ever delivered to PIPC Corp. or to me.