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Free Matte Lightroom Preset – Creates a mood for your Photos by adding a Free Matte Lightroom Preset. The Free Matte effect is ideal for outdoor landscape photos. This free download comes with 30 unique Lightroom presets that have various versions of Duotone lighting impacts to suit your all kinds of photographs.

Create the romantic look on your favorite photograph with the romantic Free Matte Lightroom Preset. To accomplish this look use the Wedding Dress Photo Mask on one of your portrait photographs and combine it with the colors from the dress. The mask is a mix of gray-blue-green that imparts a luminous glow on the dress. To create the appearance of a subtle shimmer put a pink candle over the dress onto a white background. Now use the Free Matte Lightroom Preset to make the blue shimmer on the candle. To intensify the color intensity of the candle and to round out it use the Poster Light.

Make an Awesome impact with the warm orange Free Matte Lightroom Preset. To accomplish this look use the Warm Beach Photo Mask on one of your shore photos and blend it with the colors from the surfboard and sunlight. Select another color for your surfboard just as you did with the shore photograph and apply the Warm Beach Preset to saturate this particular color. The end result is a warm orange glow on your own photos.

Create a dramatic look 70 Best FREE Matte Lightroom with the magnificent Free Matte Lightroom Preset. To perform this look use the Starfield Preset to optimize the star field on your photograph. Use the Color Dodge technique so as to find the exact color you would like for the star field. You may also maximize the landscape photos taken together with the Starfield Preset by using the Brighter Landscape tool on the Tool Bar.

Create an amazing appearance with this Free Matte Lightroom Preset that creates light leaks. To achieve this impact, start the Effects tab and select the Picture Mask tab. With this tab you have access to several other preset features like correcting the colour values, the exposure, the shadows and the lighting. In addition you have access to the Tick count value which is how many seconds the picture will remain on screen.

This Free Matte Lightroom Preset is a fantastic way to add a little drama to your own photographs. It’s also a wonderful way to save money as it employs an inexpensive technique which you may use. If you prefer star paths then you’ll love this absolutely free Preset. It provides a similar appearance to all those taken with all the Skylab plugin but using a more subtlety. This type of preset adds subtle celebrity trails and generates smoke rings when you depart. This is just one of many different methods in Free Matte Lightroom Preset that you are able to try out.